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Abstracts should be typed in MS Word format, using 10 size Time New Roman fonts, single-spaced on A4-size paper, 150-250 words in length. They should cover purpose, design/methodology/approach, findings, and research implications, if applicable.


  1. A title should not be more than 20 words, using 14 size Times New Roman fonts.
  2. Articles should be typed in MS Word format, using 11 size Times New Roman fonts, 1.5-spaced on A4-size paper, two columns between 3000 and 3500 words in length. This includes all text including references and appendices.
  3. Articles are to be written in essay style with a subheading for each part, except for the introduction. The subheading system is as follows:
  • Level Two : Capitals-lowercase, Bold, Left Justification
  • Level Three : Capitals-lowercase, Italic-bold, Left Justification
  1. Conceptual articles should include: (a) Title; (b) Full name of contributor(s)without title(s); (c) Abstract (max. 250 words); (d) Keywords; (e)Introduction without heading; (f) Body text; and (g) References.
  2. Research-based articles should contain: (a) Title; (b) Full name of contributor(s) without title(s); (c) Abstract (max. 250 words); (d) Keywords; (e) Introduction without heading, which includes review of related literature and research purpose; (f) Method; (g) Findings and Discussion; (h) Conclusions and Suggestions; (i) References; and (j) Appendix, if any.
  3. The references should be presented alphabetically and chronologically, and be written in accordance with the APA style, e.g.

Brown, H. D. (1994). Principles of language teaching and learning. NewJersey: Prentice-Hall Inc.

Huda, N. (1995). Pendekatan kebermaknaan in the 1994 English syllabus. English Language Education 1(1), 26-36.

  1. Provide tables and figures in a separate page for each, if any.
  2. All contributing authors’ names should appear on the first page of the article, and their names arranged in the correct order for publication.
  • Correct email addresses should be supplied for each author in their separate author accounts.
  • The full name of each author must be present in their author account in the exact format they should appear for publication, including or excluding any middle names or initials as required.
  • The affiliation of each contributing author should be correct in their individual author account. The affiliation listed should be where they were based at the time that the research for the paper was conducted.

Authors who wish to include biographies and acknowledgements should save them together in a separate MS Word file. If they are to be included, a brief professional biography of not more than 100 words should be supplied for each named author.

Download: Author Guidelines and Article Template